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Autism Society of America and Decriminalize Developmental Disabilities announce the release of FAQ for Public Defenders

The Autism Society of America, the nation’s oldest and largest grassroots Autism organization has partnered with Decriminalize Developmental Disabilities (D3), a nationwide non-profit dedicated to decriminalizing developmental disabilities, to produce a Public Defenders Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) brochure, to assist defense attorneys representing clients with Autism.

See the brochure

Read the full release here


Caught In the Web of the Criminal Justice System
From Sexual Health to Sexual Harm

Courtesy of The Greenburger Center

Amplified Voices: Carol Nesteikis - We Must See the Gray

On this episode 3, season 2 of Amplified Voices, Carol shares how her family was thrust into the world of courtrooms, plea bargains, ankle monitors and public registration after a situation that occurred in 2012. Their story is one of tragedy and triumph, one that shines a light on the fact that criminal prosecutions of those with intellectual and developmental disabilities often lead to disastrous consequences for individuals and their families without any benefit to the public.

Article: Disabled Man on Sex Offender Registry for Prank Gone Wrong Will Get a New Hearing

In this article from, learn about the experience of Adam and the sex offender registry.

When People with Intellectual Disabilities Are Punished, Parents Pay the Price

This article from the Marshall Project examines the cost of a sex offense conviction.

Article: A Panic, A Simple Solution and The Developmentally Disabled

This article from Simple Justice: A criminal defense blog, tells of issues with the sex offender registry and the consequences and cost for those who are developmentally disabled.